DS-K1107M/MK – Hikvision Card Readers

  •   LEDIndicatorDisplaysReaderStatus
  •   Tamper-ResistantAlarm
  •   SupportsMifareCards
  •   Keypad(Optional)
  •   RS-485 and Wiegand (W26/W34) Protocols Hikvision DS-K1107M/MF card readers support RS-485

    and Wiegand (W26/W34) protocols.

    The built-in 13.56 MHz Mifare card reading module meets the ISO 14443-A standard and reads Mifare ID cards

    Available Models: DS-K1107M/MK: Mifare card reader w/keypad

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DS-K1107M DS-K1107MK

Processor Reading Range Card Type ID Settings Communication Protocols Audio Alert Keypad LED Indicator Working Temperature Working Humidity Dimensions Tamper Alarm Protection Level Certifications Power Supply Power Consumption Installing Method

≤1.97″ (≤50 mm)
Mifare cards
via DIP switch
RS-485/Wiegand (set via DIP switch)
No keypad
Power indicator, status indicator
-4° to 149° F (-20° to +65° C)
10% to 90% (non-condensing)
4.53″× 1.73″× 0.87″(115mm× 44mm× 22mm) Supported
CE, FCC, UL 60950-1
12 VDC
Wall mounting with screws, does not support gang box

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Keypad w/12 keys (0~9, *, #)

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