ECL-ACC890 Sealed EZ-PASS Outdoor Card Reader

This proximity access card reader can be programmed for card only.

    • Metal housing

    • 5-LED indicators and 1 beeper

    • Anti-tamper design

    • TTL serial output

    • Built-in watchdog to prevent halting.

    • WG port support for anti-pass-back

    • 1024 users

    • 1200 event logs

    • 2 sets of auto-open zone editing in stand-alone

    • 3 control modes for selecting, M4, M6 and M8.


    • 3 access modes: card only, card or pin, card and pin.


    • 11 sets of time zone for various accessing.


    • Software support for networking and time-attendance.


    • Easily integrated with other Eclipse access control systems.



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This outdoor card reader/door controller is weatherproof and slim enough to fit most door frames and small areas. The large display is easy to see and the beeper is loud and easy to hear. Program it using the external keyboard (ECL-ACC890K), sold separately. Tough aluminum construction.