ECL-ACC898 Multi-Mode Access Control Reader

This proximity access card reader can be programmed for card, PIN, or card & PIN identification. 

    • Metal housing

    • 5-LED indicators and 1 beeper

    • Anti-tamper design

    • TTL serial output

    • Built-in watchdog to prevent halting.

    • WG port support for anti-pass-back

    • 1024 users

    • 1200 event logs

    • 2 sets of auto-open zone editing in stand-alone

    • 3 control modes for selecting, M4, M6 and M8.


    • 3 access modes: card only, card or pin, card and pin.


    • 11 sets of time zone for various accessing.


    • Software support for networking and time-attendance.


    • Easily integrated with other Eclipse access control systems.



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Multi-Mode Access Control Reader
This access control reader can be used in network or in standalone mode and supports access via proximity cards and/or pin numbers. Can be managed via Eclipse access
control client software or our ECL- ACC1000 Network Control Panel.