SS051M Glass Break Detetor


  • Includes remote microphone with 3-foot long cable for easy mounting and concealment anywhere inside the car. – On-board microphone, no remote microphone necessary.
  • Dual-stage protection — Chirps siren if window is lightly tapped, triggers alarm upon break-in or vandalism attempts.
  • Protects against a would-be thief’s forced entry into the car by breaking the window or punching a door lock.
  • Attractively designed to match the interior of almost any car.
  • Built-in audio discriminator enables the unit to filter out typical outdoor sounds to prevent false alarms.
  • Patented yellow “Turbulence” LED allows accurate setting of sensitivity by warning if environmental noise is too high.
  • Yellow LED indicates pre-intrusion alert. Red LED indicates intrusion.
  • Two microfine sensitivity adjustment controls for independent adjustment of interior and exterior zones.
  • Modular plug for fast installation.


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