T3 – GSM alarm system, GSM/3G Medical/panic alarm, Intrusion/burglar alarm with best home security alarm system

Main function

1. Fashion hand free design, large keyboard;
2. Large LCD display current time, temperature, and alarm types;
3. GSM SMS GPRS 3G Transmission, no distance limitation;
4. Bedtime monitoring, if not get up in time can generate alarm;
5. Away/back home time monitoring;
6. Daily action monitoring;
7. Supports variety wireless detectors, includes wireless fall detector, wireless CO detector, wireless smoke detectors and so on;
8. Equips 4 quick dial numbers, and also can dial other numbers by keyboard if required;
9. Android app and iOS App can display the bedtime and away/back home trends;
10. 3-Timer for alerting to take medicine.
11. Backup rechargeable battery.
12. Wireless transmit the Blood Pressure Meter out to server or apps.



Rated Voltage: 5V DC
Power consumption : Static :20mA, Working :60mA
Frequency range: GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz, 3G wcdma
Temperature range: -20-+60 °C
Humidity range: Relative humidity 90% (condensation free)
Exterior dimension: 182mm*140mm*80mm
Net Weight : 800g



GPRS 3G HealthCare Box x1
Backup rechargeable battery x 1
5VDC Adaptor x1

EM-60 Wireless Pendant waterproof SOS button
EM-70 Wireless Wrist waterproof SOS button
EM-90 Wireless Pendant waterproof Fall+SOS button, supports low voltage alarm to panel.
EM-100 Wireless Fixed SOS button
CM-100 Wireless carbon monoxide detector
GL-100 Wireless gas leakage detector
WL-100 Wireless water leakage detector
SM-100 Wireless smoke detector
PIR-100B Wireless motion detectors, supports low voltage alarm to panel.

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GSM 3G Healthcare Box is an innovation solution of telecare and telehealth that special for the senior, elderly, aged people who live independently.

The GSM 3G Healthcare Box can be used as safety protection, temperature monitoring, action monitoring, bedtime monitoring, fall alarm and emergency call system, away stay home monitoring and normal telephone.

It equips 4 quickly dial buttons, which can paste large photo on the buttons, these buttons can be used as Police, Relatives, Taxi, Fire, Doctor, Neighbor or others for quickly dial out. Just Press then can dial out, so easy!

The GSM 3G Healthcare Box can be used as a telecare system, it can report the elderly daily actions. Includes elderly away/back home time, remind to take medicine, go to sleep and get up time, if not get up in time then can generate alarm over GSM or GPRS or dial the preset numbers.

The GSM 3G Healthcare Box can be used as a telehealth unit, it inbuilt blood pressure meter or external blood pressure meter, press one key then can measure the blood pressure and send out over GPRS or SMS or 3G.

Moreover, it can be used as a wireless Alarm system. it supports wireless SOS button, wireless fall detectors, wireless carbon monoxide detector, wireless gas leakage detector, wireless water leakage detector, wireless smoke detector, wireless motion detectors and so on. Once the wireless detectors activated, it will generate alarm over SMS or GPRS or or 3G or dial out immediately. All of these wireless detectors can provide the safety protections to the senior, elderly, aged people who live independently.

The GSM 3G Healthcare Box also inbuilt one sensitive thermometer, it can measure the home temperature.