HB-300 Walkthrough Metal Detector

HB-300 Waterproof type is for the export of a metal detector, security door, imported fire
board material for the door, the fire has the advantages of lightweight and waterproof. The door
is a structure to do adult-like by the door, the door is installed on both sides of the pillars alarm
indicator, make the use of aluminum alloy column lights, the location of the police seemed more
direct and attractive high-grade Dafang, Medium door has set up electromagnetic fields,
When the human body to carry metal items can be generated through the alarm
device, can accurately detect people or hand-carried in body bags of metal objects
or metal objects, such as various control tools, weapons, metal products, electronic
products and other metal articles, etc., used to carry out safety inspection, anti-
theft examination an effective tool, mainly used in government agencies, public
security organs, prosecution, courts, prisons, detention centers, customs, airports,
stations, stadiums, exhibition venues, entertainment, large gathering places, etc.,
as well as hardware, electronics, jewelry, military, Mint factories or businesses.
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1. Function introduction:
(1) to detect the region without blind spots, detecting area to detect all the points
uniformly good;
(2) precise positioning: average distribution of six independent detection region, to
detect the target, the sound and light simultaneously Alarm, light pillars on both
sides of the direct alarm zones, accurately positioning, visual display of digital
(3) modular design: the use of modular design, installation convenience, easy to
rule out failure.
(4) self-diagnosis functions: built-in self-diagnostic procedures and power-on self-test.
(5) microprocessor technology: the control more flexible, through the control panel
can be programmed to all default parameters, To meet the needs of users use
(6) complex circuit design, infrared devices, computer automatic identification, can
effectively reduce false positives and omissions, and since Dynamic statistical
report to the police frequency, through the number