BS-IZ-1500 Sliding Gate Opener

  • Features PKO’s true soft start and stop operation. Open and Close times from 18 to 25 seconds.
  • Extended Cycle Life – Enhanced motor design makes this opener ideal for today’s single family homes or ranches.
  • Works on all types of gates;* chain link, tube, panel, ornamental, wood and vinyl.
  • Full systems capable, control board includes an adjustable obstruction sensing, gate sequencing and auto close settings.
  • U.L. rated for Class I, II, III & IV. System certified to be in compliance with U.L. 325, 5th edition.
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1) This is our newly designed sliding gate opener, the weight is 16kgs
And the integration of the mechanical and electrical components provides hassle free installation and operation of a single unit, rather than multiple systems
2) Mechanical limit switch (spring limit switch) or magnetic limit switch is optional.
3) Release key for power failure.
4) Electronic soft-start, ensures the motor starts steadily and smoothly, easy to maintain and installation.
5) Intelligent terminals for alarm lamp, photocell, external receiver, etc.,
6) Optional line control or remote control.