ST-IIIB GSM Wireless Home Security Alarms Touch screen PSTN Intruder Alarm System With ST-Panel App control

Item specifics

  • Brand Name:smarsecur
  • Kit Configuration:Door Sensor
  • Power:DC12V
  • Output Number:12V
  • Video Interface:No
  • Display:Yes
  • Alarm Type:The Alarm
  • Alarm Type:SMS
  • Alarm Type:PSTN
  • Alarm Type:Apps Control
  • Size:22X18X3CM
  • Model Number:ST-IIIB
  • Password Keyboard:Yes
  • Arming Type:FR Remote-controller
  • Connection Type:Wireless
  • Zone Number:8 Wired and 32 Wireless Zones
  • Wireless Frequency:433MHz
  • Network:PSTN and GSM
  • GSM Module:850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Support Wireless Sensors:8 Remote,32 Sensors,1 Doorbell,8CH Switch,Unlimited Wireless Siren
  • Alarm notification modes:SMS, Phone Call, or both
  • 2-Way Talking feature:Yes
  • 2-Way Signal Low Voltage Remind:Yes
  • Wireless Sensor Anti-Tamper Alarm:Enable/Disable
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Born last of a world-wide the manufacture, Alarm Wireless GSM ST-IIIB MEIAN TECHNOLOGY Powerful safety system is a stylish and very easy to use at the end of the TECHNOLOGY: Capable of coping with 40 parts detections of 32, wired and wireless 8 zones, it Why not resume allows former detectors already present in your home (subject to their proper functioning, or in the same cases, you can also connect your wired siren on the exit referred to This effect: after a simple and quick installation to your Alarm Wireless GSM-ST IIIB MEIAN TECHNOLOGY, you the full piloterez directly on its touch screen keyboard or using upto 8 remotes, one for each member of your family your Alarm Wireless GSM ST-IIIB has Two Telephone Transmitter: the first can manage, more traditional 6 phone numbers, four personal numbers 2 and a centre for remote viewing (not mandatory); the second is a telephone Transmitter GSM which will operate independently and gives you the opportunity to control all the functions of your Alarm Wireless GSM ST-distance IIIB very simply by sending SMS messages or in the very near future by the intermediary of an application Smart phone upon activation of alarm following an attempted burglary, the system Alarm Wireless GSM ST-IIIB will give its Built-In Powerful Siren 110 dB and alert you directly on your mobile phone, you have chosen in advance of up to 4 different staff numbers has this . Time for you can listen to through the MIC Built-in speaker to your alarm triggered switching lights or other programmable system connected to the outlet PORT PGM your Alarm Wireless GSM ST-IIIB MEIAN TECHNOLOGY.